Azusa Ogino
Azusa Ogino
Name Azusa Ogino
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color White
Relatives Jojima Kaoru (great-grandfather) [deceased]

Kuniharu Ogino (father)
Wakaba Ogino (mother)

Occupation Unknown
Manga Chapter 4
Anime Episode 2
Image Gallery

Azusa Ogino is Kuniharu Ogino and Wakaba Ogino's daughter.


Azusa has brown hair, usually kept in small pigtails. Her eyes are odd white circles.


Despite her age, Azusa is shown to be quite the dynamic type, being able to drag Inaba off his feet as she runs around with a leash. She does love both her parents, and enjoys playing games, though often to the extreme.


When a special key ends up in Azusa's possession, the Don begins to stalk her, leading her father to ask for protection from Inaba and his gang.

Skills & Abilities

Azusa has amazing superhuman strength for a child of her age. She can dig through large amounts of dirt using only a small shovel within a short time period. She can also lift trees/logs and is highly adapt in woodcrafting; being able to make a perfect wooden cabin within seconds.




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