Episode 1
Episode 1
Episode 1
Part 1 Currency Printing Forgery Case
Part 2 Inaba Hiroshi Kidnapping Case
Release date January 5, 2013
Manga Chapter(s) Chapter 1
Chapter 2
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Episode 1 is the 1st episode of the Cuticle Detective Inaba anime. It aired on January 5, 2013.

The first part of the episode, "Currency Printing Forgery Case," features Kuniharu Ogino asking for Hiroshi Inaba's help in capturing a leader of a mafia, Don Valentino. The second part of the episode, "Inaba Hiroshi Kidnapping Case," features the kidnapping of Kei Nozaki.


Currency Printing Forgery Case

Inaba Hiroshi Kidnapping Case

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Kuniharu Ogino
  2. Kei Nozaki
  3. Yūta Sasaki
  4. Hiroshi Inaba
  5. Don Valentino
  6. Lorenzo
  7. Gabriella
  8. Haruka Inaba (flashback)

Fights and Events

Skills, Abilities and Items used

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Abilities used

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