Jojima Kaoru
Name Jojima Kaoru
Gender Male
Hair color Grey (formerly black)
Eye color Grey-ish
Relatives Unnamed daughter

Kuniharu Ogino (grandson)

Azusa Ogino (great-granddaughter)

Occupation Police inspector
Affiliation Police Force
Anime Episode 8
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Jojima Kaoru was a police officer, who was former partners with Soumei.


During his early years, Joji strongly resembled his grandson. As he got older, his hair began to lose its dark color.


Soumei described him as a man who 'yelled a lot'. He also said that Joji bore trust in both the police force and the Secret Dobermen. He was not corrupt, but when he realized how hard it was to hang onto the truth while surrounded by lies, he commited suicide.

Young Joji

Young Joji


Many years ago, Joji was a member of the police force, who worked alongside Soumei. Unlike his fellow collegues, he was naive to the cruel ways of the police, and held trust in both the task force and the Dobermen. In time, he managed to rise through the ranks thanks to Soumei.

30 years prior to the main storyline, around the time his grandson was born, Joji questioned Soumei on why the Secret Dobermen were refusing to talk to the police force. When he was told that it was the police who were corrupted, Joji tried to stick to that truth, but found it too hard to bear.

As a result, Joji commited suicide by shooting himself in the head. The police responded by blaming everything on Soumei and locking him up, regarding the suicide note as 'non-existence'.
Joji's suicide

Joji's suicide.

On that same night, during the full moon, Soumei would escape his body and begin residing in the bodies of others to survive, and would later request his 'son', Hiroshi, to help relocate it, so that he may continue to exist.