Kuniharu Ogino
Kuniharu Ogino
Name Kuniharu Ogino
Kanji 荻野 邦治
Romaji Kuniharu Ogino
Age 30
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Relatives Jojima Kaoru (maternal-grandfather) [deceased]

Unnamed mother

Wakaba Ogino (wife)
Azusa Ogino (daughter)

Occupation Police inspector
Affiliation Police Force
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Toshiyuki Morikawa
Image Gallery

Kuniharu Ogino (荻野 邦治 Kuniharu Ogino) is a top inspector with the police force. He was partnered with Inaba, back when he was with the police. He is still good friends with Inaba and usually seeks his assistance in several cases.


Kuniharu Ogino's Art Design

Ogino's anime appearance

Ogino has a sharp face, with narrow eyes and pronounced jawbones. His black hair is especially spiky. He has several thin strands of hair hanging over his forehead; his remaining hair points to the back. Hiroshi thinks Ogino's hair is really pretty and even prefers his hair over white or silver hair.[1]

Being a police inspector, his usual outfit is a business suit. He has a dark grey vest, a white, buttoned shirt and a crimson tie. His pants and shoes and also dark grey.


Ogino usually keeps a composed attitude and handles situations in a professional manner. He can however be very frank about people and reacts to Yūta threats with his own.[2] He has a strong sense of justice, despises evil and has the mentality to fight it.[3] He can handle the headstrong Hiroshi's firm actions.

Ogino also has his silly moments, but ignores Kei's shocking reactions and usually keeps a pokerface during these situations.[4] Also, whenever he is with his beloved daughter, he seems to change into a happy and joyful man. Whenever he is away from his daughter he becomes sad and start being a doting daddy, if someone kidnaps his daughter he will be protective and anger comes out of him.


Ogino was Hiroshi's partner and in some way, owner, when the latter was still a police dog. The two cracked cases and caught criminals with a supposed arrest ratio of 100%.[5] During that time, it seems that they had a strong bond of trust. This lasted until Hiroshi quit to become a private detective in order to search for his little brother. Ogino stayed and eventually became an important police inspector.


Intro arc

Ogino hands out to Hiroshi

Ogino asks Hiroshi to help him

Ogino is seen investigating a crime scene, the sixth one so far by the mafia boss Don Valentino. Ogino decides to use Hiroshi Inaba, the werewolf detective. He goes to the Inaba Detective Agency and is greeted by Kei and Yūta, though Yūta sarcastically implies that he's uninvited. Ogino hands some case files to Hiroshi and says that this criminal is proving to be rather hard to catch and asks Hiroshi for assistance. Hiroshi refuses instantly and lashes out, throwing salt rocks at Ogino's head. Ogino keeps a poker face and lets them hit him. Hiroshi is eventually stopped by Kei and Yūta offers Ogino tea, but from the rice cooker. Ogino is indifferent and takes the offer.[6]
Investigating the bill

Ogino and Hiroshi investigate the counterfeit bill

After finishing his tea/meal, Ogino explains the case to Hiroshi and Kei. He tells them about Don Valentino, the Italian mafia boss and shows them a forged money bill. He says that it's especially well made and fantasizes about a 10.000¥ bill with his daughter's face on it. He then explains that the counterfeit bills are just an advertisement for their printing technology and that even the ICPO is after him. He further elaborates on Don's evil criminal acts and pleads to Hiroshi to use his abilities to catch the mafia boss. Hiroshi bluntly asks what the color of his hair is and Ogino replies that it's white. Hiroshi gets excited about such a rare and delicious hair and Ogino is wondering if Hiroshi already forgot what this is really about. The group then moves to the mafia boss' hideout.[7]

Ogino poking from the fridge

Ogino pokes his head from the fridge

Ogino knocks on the door and an irritated Don Valentino opens. Ogino introduces himself as part of the police and Don panics and calls for Lorenzo. Lorenzo shoots at Ogino and his group, but has his gun shot out of his hands by Ogino. He tells Hiroshi and his assistants to stay put and enters the house. He sees obvious footprints leading to a ground door and goes through the hole. Lorenzo and Valentino quickly close it and shove a fridge over it, trapping Ogino. Yūta further seals the door and Ogino damns him. When Valentino has explained his way of eating money and creating fake bills, Ogino has somehow broken a hole trough the bottom of the fridge and has stuck his head in the hole. He motivates Hiroshi to go and capture Don. When Hiroshi is defeated by Lorenzo, Ogino climbs out of the hole, but with his head still in the fridge. His presence makes the mafioso's flee the scene.[8]

Skills & Abilities

Weapon Specialist: Ogino uses a standard, police handgun and is quite proficient with it. He has most likely received training with the police and is able to quickly draw his gun and take action with efficient accuracy.[9]

"Invincibility": It is comically shown Ogino has this type of "invincibility" power. He is shown to survive fire, acid, a bazooka, and other crazy traps that didn't affect him. He was also shot by Soumei, but he was barely hurt by it. However, after surviving a bazooka dead-on, he somehow wasn't able to stand a single bullet to the shoulder. 

Strength: It's seen that Ogino has some type of superhuman strength, as shown when pushing Hiroshi down to duck, he accidentally pushed Hiroshi all the way down into the pavement, so that only his head would show. 

Doting daddy: He turns into a demon-like human when his daughter is involved. 


Hiroshi Inaba

Main article: Hiroshi Inaba

Ogino and Hiroshi were once partners when both were in the police. They worked together well, solving many cases. It seems that they developed a bond of trust, and so, Ogino knows Hiroshi very well. Hiroshi quit however, but Ogino continued to keep in touch by asking his assistance, regardless how much Hiroshi doesn't want to help.[10] It's also known that Ogino is one of the few people that can actually keep Hiroshi under control to some extent.[5]

Yūta Sasaki

Main article: Yūta Sasaki

Yūta is jealous of Ogino and Hiroshi's relationship, and so he hates Ogino to the point of wanting to hurt him. Ogino doesn't really react to these threats and actions, but does call him "evil assistant" and cursed him when Yūta sealed the door Ogino was once caught in.[2]


  • "I've seen lots of greedy men until now, but Valentino is on a different level. Out of all that I've met, his is the purest evil of all."[3]
  • (To Yūta Sasaki) "Damn assistant, I'll kill you!"[2]


  • Ogino ranked 4th on the first popularity poll, 3rd on the second.
  • His birthday is May 27th.
  • Ogino has been voted as the "Number 1 Detective The Police Stations Under Jurisdiction Want To Be Commanded By".[5]


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