Kurami Torayasu
Kurami Torayasu
Name Kurami Torayasu
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Special ability Swordsman
Occupation Young head of the Kujou Group
Affiliation Yakuza
Anime Episode 7
Image Gallery

Kurami Torayasu is the young head of the Kujou Group.


Kurami has long, staight, black hair, described by Hiroshi as being "truly beautiful", and "conditioned to the tip". Kurami has sharp green eyes and a scar running down his left eyebrow.


Introduction Arc

Kurami Torayasu is introduced in Episode 7, he hires Hiroshi Inaba to help protect his father who has a hit on him. Don Valentino is out to murder Kurami's father, Inaba mentions that it is best to avoid the goat as much as possible.


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