Wakaba Ogino
Wakaba Ogino
Name Wakaba Ogino
Age late 20's or early 30's
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Violet
Relatives Kuniharu Ogino (husband)
Azusa Ogino (daughter)
Special ability extreme resilence
Occupation Unknown
Manga Chapter 4
Anime Episode 2
Image Gallery

Wakaba Ogino is Kuniharu Ogino's wife and Azusa Ogino's mother.


Wakaba has been described as a beautiful young woman with purple eyes and possessing long, flowing brown hair that reaches mid-back tied into a braid. She is usually seen with a gentle smile on her face.


Wakaba is very kind and calm, easily suppressing the Don's rage, but accidentally gaining the dislike of Lorenzo. She even remained composed when a key went through her forehead and not even being remotely fazed by it.

She shows that she is not bothered by her husband's lack of affection, and continues to try to get him to be affectionate shown when she tries to get a kiss from him in episode 2. According to her husband, she is said to have no sense of danger much to his worry.


At some point, Wakaba met and fell in love with Ogino, and the two later got married. It is assumed they had their daughter prior to Hiroshi's departure, since he is aware of Ogino's family.


When a special key ends up in Azusa's possession, the Don begins stalking them, altering Ogino to have them guarded, namely by Inaba.



Kuniharu Ogino

Wakaba is married to Kuniharu Ogino with whom she has a child Azusa. It is unknown what most of their relationship is but she considers her husband to be a very kind person even if she is told otherwise. She has shown that she is not bothered by his lack of affection not being directed towards her but to their daughter. In Chapter 6, Wakaba tries to get a kiss from him but he doesn't do so (possibly out of embarrassment due to Hiroshi and the others presence) and leaves though she isn't sad. Though Kuniharu is more affectionate with Azusa, he appears to love Wakaba as well as he was quick to place both of them into the care of Hiroshi when the Don started tracking them being fully aware his wife has no sense of danger. As he left for work, he promised his curious wife that he would return for them.

Azusa Ogino

Is Wakaba's daughter, she loves her child very much and encourages her extreme playing. Wakaba doesn't seem to mind that their daughter receives more attention from Kuniharu than she does as she enjoys giving her attention as well. Azusa loves her mother very much and looked jealous as her mother briefly gave Don Valentino affection but was happy when she returned her attention to her.


Inaba Detective Agency

She is good friends with Hiroshi and his assistants, thanking them for taking care if .

with the Don and enemies with Lorenzo.


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